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Hello and Welcome to my humble domain...

Within the pages of this Website, you will find information which is both interesting and useful. This is my first Webpage and I am quite proud of it! Be warned...some items that are labelled "Updated Weekly" may actually turn into Monthly or Yearly as I am at College alot and have a Life To Lead!

. . . . PanMan

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I now have a good selection of Jokes! They are in different catagories, so simply pick which catagory you want and off you go! Catagories range from Blondes to Lightbulb Jokes!....I can guarantee you that they are funny and worth a read!!!


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Bring It Back!!!

Remember the 80's ? Well...for those who remember Duran Duran, Thunderbirds, He-Man, and anything else that died in the 80's (Bet I get hate mail from saying Duran Duran!) This area has an 80's article each Month!

This Months article is...

Dungeons & Dragons

Who here remembers Dungeons & Dragons! I DO!...I Loved that show!...I thought it had good characters and was generally a great kids program. Remember the Kids involved? Hank, Eric, Bobby, Sheila, and um...forgot the other one (E-Mail me if U remember)...Then there was Uni, Venger!!!, Shadow Demon and of course....Dungeon Master.
There is one episode that you may remember and for some reason I have ended up seeing it about a thousand times...."The Eye Of The Beholder"...Big purple wierd thingy has turned the land to ruin and a cowardly night (Sir John) ends up saving the was OK...

So...may be you do remember it...or may be you have no idea what I just babled on about...but it WAS a kewl program...I survived Childhood watching it!!

Dungeons & Dragons , I Still remember YOU! :-)

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