The Story That Shocked The Internet!

This is a NEW Cool Idea that I came up with...It's a story...By YOU!
That's right..YOU write the story!
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The 10 Rules are:

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  6. If Bill Gates ends up in it somehow..a prize for the most detailed Death for him will be Awarded!
  7. Any wisecracks that this is a SAD idea will be ignored!
  8. Why the hell am I trying to make 10 silly rules!
  9. Who thinks that Alicia Silverstone is Nice?
  10. The story must NOT begin with "Once Upon A Time!"

The Story So Far...

WebMaster :
There was a house up on the hill that was left alone for years....nobody dare go up there in fear for there lives. Why? God knows! It looked darn scary!...A village close by called "Ravensville" (If this is a REAL place..Sorry!) was a quiet town....a town that disapproved of change...but Change was going to happen.
There was a high school in this quiet town. Westdale high was quite a popular school (It WAS the only one for 50 miles) The local teen population was gradually ruling the town. A Diner called "Hard Brock Cafe" was the local meeting place for this race of nuisense (As the olders refered to them as) It was a nice sunny day and the High Street was filled with people as it was the start of term for the members of Westdale High. This was the last year for Tracy...she had put in alot of effort the past few years and can afford a bit of slack this year...plenty of time for Parties basically!....her true and close friend Angel was getting over her recent boyfriend who dumped her for a younger girl (commonly refered to as the Pixie by Angel).
All was going well for Tracy & Angel...they were walking down the corridor on there way to class when they bumped into...

MadAsh :
........Bill Gates, who they immediately decided to kill by pulling his legs off and stuffing them down his neck, before ripping out his lower intestine and strangling him with it (there, that's him out of the way.)
Angel and Tracey got to class and sat down at their usual desks. Suddenly the teacher fell out of the closet, dead. The class thought it was a joke and applauded wildly. When the teacher refused to get up, the class thought "OK then" and went home. On the way home, Angel met a dark mysterious stranger (well, sort of dark-ish and mysterious-ish as strangers go) He told her to never go to the house on the hill, as it was ruled by a cruel dictator who has been imprisoned there since the mid-80's and must not be allowed to escape. Bearing this in mind, Angel decided not to go. Tracey did. Once she was there, she opened the door and looked inside. There was no-one about, so she called "Hello - is anyone there?" no reply. "HELLO!?" called Tracey again, but this time there was a groaning from upstairs. "Who's there?" called Tracey. "What are YOU doing here?" boomed the voice. Tracey recognised the voice from somewhere. Where was it from? "Do I know you?" called Tracey. "NOT ANY MORE - THEY AXED MY SHOW!" screamed the voice. "Well who are you?" called Tracey again, but before she had time to finish, the creature ran down the stairs and knocked her over. She opened her eyes, and saw ZELDA FROM THE TERRAHAWKS standing over her. "THEY IMPRISONED ME HERE, ALONG WITH MR SPOON FROM BUTTON MOON AND THE PUDDLE LANE THEME MUSIC! BUT NOW I AM FREE TO WREAK REVENGE ON A CHANGING WORLD!"..........

There it is so far!
This story can change completely...Its Your choice!
Whether you want Zelda to attempt World domination, or whether you want Aladdin's Genie to Ressurect Bill Gates!

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