OK, you've heard all the reviews...

You've seen the press reports...

But is Titanic actually worth seeing?......

YES. (Stepping into a boring and sensible mode), I have to say that the best Director (in my opinion), James Cameron (Aliens, Abyss, Terminator 1 & 2), has made yet another fantastic film, except this is one of Epic proportions.

Before I went to see this film, I knew that it was going to be special, something that I would always remember. I had heard too many good reviews and interviews about it for this film to fail as a success, not to mention the fact that James Cameron has yet to make a film which is unworthy of an Oscar nomination.

The film has taken months to make, far much longer than expected and the budget has risen to be the Most Expensive Film Ever Made. Take it from me, each Dollar was well spent.
The first thing in Titanic that you have to get over is the quality of the Special Effects. In just the same way that Terminator II's "Liquid Cyborg T1000" blew you away with its advanced Special Effects, so does Titanic. Each section of footage with the whole Titanic in shot, especially when moving was ALL created within a computer and you could hardly tell the difference.
____The Music Score was perfect for this film. As usual James Cameron hired the help of James Horner, who has to be most famous for gripping music in films such as Aliens, Braveheart, and pretty much ALL of James Cameron's films. The only let down in the whole film in my opinion is that (and I hope I don't get hate mail for this), Alas Celine Dion sings the main theme song. Now don't get me wrong, Celine Dion does have a marvellous singing talent (Well...Kinda), but it doesn't fit this song, especially when she brings a drum machine into the song, BIG mistake.

As for the Actors.... Kate Winslet, what can I say.... She's a Babe!, but she is also fantastic in this role. Admittedly, there is probably up to 100 other female actresses that could pull off this role as good as she can, but her on-screen chemistry with Leonardo is just perfect. She's been knocked down a bit in the press recently about her weight, being a little 'round'. I have to admit, I kinda see where they were getting that from, but if anything at all, it makes her look better. Seeing these (almost) anorexic-looking models walking down the catwalk, thin enough to put a wrist band round their waist isn't my idea of beauty. Kate Winslet proves in this film that she can act with a magnificent ability and I'm sure that an Oscar nomination is guaranteed.
The Titanic in Southampton Dock

Which brings me to Leonardo De Caprio. Well.... its like this. My sister thinks he's the best thing since sliced bread and worships the ground he walks on, but I had previously had the opinion that "Yeah, he's a pretty good actor, but so what." Well his acting ability in this film has proved to me that he is one hell of an actor, EVEN if the lucky b***ard DID star along-side Kate Winslet! His portrayal of 'Jack' in this film is compelling, but he might just come across to be just a little too perfect.

All in all, I shall not spoil the film for you and tell you what happens. However I will mention that you will see the odd appearance of some well-known Aliens stars, for those of you; like me; who love the film!. This film has gone through a lot of stick and just from watching it, you can see that a lot of hard work HAD to have gone into this, and it shows.

I can't say that its the Best Film Of All-time,
(Mainly coz Aliens STILL has that position in my books), but it an-half comes CLOSE!!!

If you don't go to see this film,
You deserve to be knighted King Wombat of the Furry Critters - So There!

PanMan Rating - 9½ out of 10

I just can't quite make it go to Ten. Sorry......:-)