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I like alot of different Music, ranging from Metallica to Enya. I especially like Classic Rock and Heavy Metal. My favourite band has to be Pink Floyd, followed by Metallica in 2nd Place...I have seen both Pink Floyd and Metallica in Earls Court - London...Pink Floyd in 1994 (Division Bell Tour) and Metallica last year (Load Tour). I also like Iron Maiden, Alanis Morissette, Oasis, Sheryl Crow...almost anything

Pink Floyd are without a doubt (in my opinion) one of the best Rock bands ever. There music goes down in history for being classic, with great structure and sound. The Dark Side Of The Moon album is recorded in history as one of the most best selling albums of all time. The Wall is extremely famous and is well known as yet another classic album for its lyrics and whole original music content. The pure style of the music which Pink Floyd create is amazing as has really been impossible to create by other bands. Their lead guitarist David Gilmour, and frankly one of my idols, is in most opinions, one of the best guitarists in the world. There most recent album The Division Bell, topped the charts in 1994 when it was released and stayed there for a number of weeks and sold millions of copies.
Pink Floyd's Lead Guitarist - David Gilmour

Pink Floyd at Earls Court (London) October 1994

In October of 1994, Pink Floyd played at Earls Court in London and I had the oportunity to see them LIVE....Which I did...It was amazing, the music was great, Loud! and just what I have always wanted to see, Pink Floyd LIVE...Pink Floyd are also extremly renound for there complex Lazer Displays, (Of course some people now say that they have the lazers to keep the audience interested!) Thats rubbish! The lazer are in synch with the music and it all just falls together!!! The music with the lazers combine to create a magnificant atmosphere and it simply makes the whole evening unique and you know that you will never see anything like this again (or except at another Pink Floyd LIVE!

Alanis Morissette

Alanis Morissette is the a fantastic talent who comes from Canada. She has a wonderful voice and her lyrics are well known for being honest and basically mean something. Her latest album "Jagged Little Pill" was a sensation and went straight to the top of the album charts and remaned there for some time! Her biggest hit from that album, "Ironic", which was released as a single was a huge success and created an instant stardom for her. Unfortunatly to my knowlege Alanis has not toured in the UK recently, except for her appearence in "Stars in the Park" which was a small festival in Hyde Park - London where alot of famous bands performed.
Alanis Morissette has been well known in America, especially Canada for years, but only recently has become famous over here when Jagged Little Pill was released under the recording label Maverick which is owned by Madonna. I am eagerly awaiting her new album which I keep hearing rumours about, which was again "rumoured" about being released April/May of this year, so, Keep your fingers crossed!

Metallica are fairly new to me...(I know that sounds wierd) I have only been getting into Metallica for the past 2 years, and now I love their music. Its Heavy, It Rocks and its great to listen to!....Its also not as if its all Heavy, Loud guitars and bass etc. there are alot of acustical songs that are really well written, like Fade to Black or One. I have seen Metallica live only once which was last year at Earls Court - the LOAD tour. They were great playing live, but it would have been better if I knew all the songs they played (I didnt then). Their support band were Corrosion Of Conformity, which were pretty good actually.