I went to this film, expecting nothing else than to see perhaps a good sequel to (In my opinion) a good film (Jurassic Park), I knew that it was going to be about 2 ½ hours long (Pretty long!) and that it starred Jeff Goldblum, Julliane Moore, and that Richard Attenborough was in there again somewhere. What I ended up seeing wasn't much less than a Highly enjoyable film! It had far more special effects and they were more impressive than last time...it seemed as if more work was put into the effects to make them MORE believable!.

Running away from the Stegasaurus
There was also a lot more tense scenes that kept you 'glued' to the screen & on the edge of your seats. In my humble opinion, the whole film was almost like a ride at Universal Studios or something, but one thing is for sure...if you see the film in a cimena without Dolby Digital Sound Techology, then you WILL be missing out on SO much! Don't get me wrong, the film doesn't rely on LOUD SOUND or anything, but, it makes it more impressive!
Admittedly there is about as much plot as the first one, well, maybe less...(But MORE Plot than Batman & Robin!). The Isle Nebular, (where Jurassic Park was set) was not the only island used by Ingen to Breed Dinosaurs. Isle Sombla was used as a place to actually conceive the Dinosaurs, then they were shipped to Isle Nebular where they were bred etc...Dr Hammond organises an expedition to 'Observe' these Dinosaurs in an almost Natural habitat, but Hammond has lost control of the Ingen, so all Hell breaks loose as Ingen tries to Capture Dinosaurs to bring them back to a 'Park' in San Diego. From there the film features Great Special FX, Good acting (Yes, there is alot of it!), and lots of tense moments which were the best bits of Jurassic Park! (Spielberg obviously realised this after seeing Filmgoer's reactions to the First film).

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All in all, this is a good all-round Family film that is possibly too scary for Kids under 7 (I rekon Spielberg has a pull with the Censors committee somehow!). You will not be disappointed!!!

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