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Carmageddon is an Amazing game!
If you havnt played it yet...then let me fill you in (A Harris quote waiting to be said!)...anyway...Carmageddon is quite original...well, sorta....basically there are 3 Main aspects of the Game...

.....Complete the Race 1st
.....Kill loads of civillians for fun!
.....Smash-up all the other Opponents
It is an increadibly addictive game! You could quite easily spend hours on it and still not get bored!....The actual design of the game is also quite can do Handbrake Turns...Jumps...Spins...the car is almost a real car in a believable 3D Environment. You can collect Power-ups so that you can do more damage to others! You can get points for the ways that you kill innocent civillians!!! You also get more "Clock" time when you "Splatter" a passer-by!!

Basically this game is BRILL and how it didnt get band is a wonder!!! Go Get it NOW!!

PanMan Rating : 9/10