Friendsis my favourite sitcom on Television.
Since it started, I was HOOKED!
The acting is Funny, the scripts are Funny and the On screen chemestry between the characters is amazing!
Here I have a small collection of Friends artifacts ranging from Pics to Scripts!
I hope you enjoy this Area!

Friends Windows 95 Theme!

Made By Me! ( PanMan ) - Its the Best Availible!
( I know...I've seen ALL the others..they're rubbish compaired to mine!!! )

Friends 3.0 Win 95 Theme
Size - 1.25 Megabytes

Friends Quote!

"Oh, okay, put your hands out and I'll back into them. Come on, touch it! Come on squeeze it! Rub it! Oh come on, would you just grab my ass?"

-- Rachel, trying to get Ross to touch her Butt after she laughed at him for trying the first time.

Friends Trivia Question!

What was the character's name that Rachel dated who looked like Ross?

  1. Rob
  2. Rudy
  3. Russ
  4. Richard

Highlight Answer » Russ

Friends Scripts

The one with the Baby on the Bus