Aliens is( in my opinion) THE best film ever made. I mean just watch it and when you see that the Special Effects are amazing, the acting is top notch and that the story is fantastic try and take in that it was also made 11 YEARS AGO!!!

The film is set in the future. Continuing from the original Alien story, Ripley is in Hypersleep and is found by some deep space salvagers. After painful persuasion and the fact that Ripley's nightmares will never stop until all the Aliens are destroyed completely. I shall not ruin the film for you by telling you exactly what happens, but to put an amazing film into perspective, Ripley joins a team of Colonial Marines who are out to anyalate all of the Aliens.
During their mission they encounter problems. The Marines have underestimated this alien species and now they are terminating the marines one by one. The is a traitor who is in seek of his own fortune and will stop at no measure to get it. There are survivors on the surface of the planet with Aliens running around everywhere. The Aliens all follow a chain of command led by the Alien Queen. She makes all the decisions and also produces all the Eggs.
This film is (Like I have already said and will keep stating) Amazing!....Even the Aliens have charaters to them. The sets are totally convincible, the atmosphere throughout the whole film is like no other film I have ever watched! The humour is good when it is needed....but it alsojust has to fall down to the spectacular Special Effects. I'm talking mainly in terms of the Creature Effects created by none other than the legendary Stan Winston. The whole design of the Alien is unique (credit to HR Giger). But the slickness of the on-screen Aliens and the puppet-manuipulation of the Alien Queen is so far ahead of its time (1986!!!).

Its possible that this is not a fair review of the film as it IS my No.1 Best EVER Film and I doubt I will ever find one that can Truly beat it. The film did win Two Oscars! One for Sound and the other for Special Effects! So...its not just me!
James Cameron is also a fantasic Director....I mean just look at some of the work he has done so far!....Aliens, The Terminator, Terminator 2 Judgment Day, The Abyss, True Lies....All amazing films in themselves!! Also Aliens producer...Gale Ann Hurd has produced the recent box office smash The Recic, which was not only a great film, but in some aspects, was similar to Aliens.
The film also has a Special Edition version....which appears as though James Cameron is going to be doing with most of his films, (Terminator 2 and Abyss had other versions that were released as Special Editions).....Let me just say, Aliens is Outstanding, you couldn't think that it could get better!....wrong....Aliens - Special Edition with 17 minutes extra! Kewl!....There is once scene in the Special Edition mainly, that I have no Idea why the hell James Cameron cut it out....It involves a corridor, the main transport corridor that the Aliens are using to get between buildings, at one end, the Colonial Marines place two Infra-red Machine Guns that Lock-in to moving objects....lets just say that the scene is tense and should (im my opinion) have been left in....

Overall, biased or not, Aliens is one of the top Best films ever made and will hold its age for years due to the creativity and outstanding Special Effects, Acting, Script and general Atmosphere.....If you havnt already seen it....SEE IT!!!!! If you have seen it, but havnt watched the Special Edition...See That Too!!!!!!

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