About PanMan...

My real name is Paul Nicholas. I live in Hythe in the South of England. I am 17 years old. I want to drive a car and so I am saving up at the moment. I attend Eastleigh College where I am currently studying for a BTEC National Diploma In Software Engineering. I enjoy playing Pool, playing on my Guitar ( Fender Stratocaster Copy ), Watching films on a regular basis and hanging out with 'me mates.

The Credits!

Well here goes...I would like to take this time to...
Give the following some Credit!!!

Deverilin...(Sheridan) :
Howz you? I hope you dont get peeved 4 me doing this! *Hugs + Kisses*

Jennifer...(Sky) :
Um...it's no good, I can't remember the Chineese stuff...*soz*

Dave...(Casca? Kalika? Whatever!) :
You sad Plebb! How the devil R U ?

Andrew...(Drewdy? 3-Legged Hamster!) :
When the Hell R we going over town again? Huh!?? *smile*

Ashley (MadAsh!) :
"Whopdef***ingdo!" He's got a good Webpage, look in the Linx section!

Peter (Konaman) :
Well, um, all I can say is..."One BigMac to Go Please!" :-)

Matt (Cookie Monster!) :
Um.....Look OUT! Mr Harris is behind YOU!!! *ROFLMAO*

Michael (Slider) - Oops, no.....He's gone...Sorry! ;-)

The Dense Boys in the Front Row!! You know who U are!!! :

Green Donkey (Kevin...) :

Unique...(What is your Name?!) :
I've been finding alot out about Australia recently....cool place!

Pina Colada - Same goes 4 U (Name??) :

Hero Of The Day :

Mike and Carol in Beautiful Australia! :
Hope ya all havin' fun...swimming at 10:00pm! *Evil Jealous Look!* (Only kidding!)

The Other Mike! (Relation) ;-)

Dave & Rho in Australia :

Alan Ball!!! :
*In a High pitched voice - puffed out!*
"Sorry you'll have to leave know, we have a lesson in here!!!"

Fox Mulder :